About Us

About Us

SMCL Line has established itself as a reputed and reliable shipping line offering liner shipping services in the Asian and Gulf regions with a strong presence in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and Southeast Asian ports. SMCL Line has now set foot in Italy and China. We are also exploring new business horizons in ITALY.

  • SMCL LINE Journey

    We have journeyed to a respectable position, with an operating transportation , warehousing , customs & Freight forwarding to Liner Division SMCL Line of approx. 6000 TEUS,( OWN + ON-Hire )exporting as well as importing all over the world.

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    Basis last three decades through Speedways group , With professional establishments set up across the regions that are in turn supported by technologically advanced networking, we ensure the best (HIGHEST) customer satisfaction as this alone has led to our success.

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    As one of India’s leading shipping service providers, we at SHAIMARINE CONTAINER LINE (SMCL) make sure your goods and cargo reach your destination safely and on time.

Our Services

Our Services


SHAIMARINE CONTAINER LINE PVT LTD ( SMCL Line ) has the vision of serving as a world class Liner company underpinned by reliable networks, efficient services, professional standards and state-of-the-art systems. SHAIMARINE CONTAINER LINE PVT LTD ( SMCL Line ) offers container shipping services to customers across the world regions of our serviceable zone currently and will progressively extend the network to serve all global markets. We are focused on serving customers across all SEA Sector, Far East Sector, Gulf & Upper Gulf Sector, CIS along with Europe, MED , Red Sea and Black Sea trade lanes using a wide range of service networks and containers with specialization in sea cargo. We are committed to providing ‘best in class’ professional liner services across a wide spectrum combining speed, safety, reliability, efficiency and value backed by a superior IT system.

Liner Service

We offer the best rates for local and international shipping services, express delivery, freight forwarding and customs clearance. We also provide custom-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Coastal Service

To provide highly efficient, hassle-free domestic cargo movements, SMPL offers you a containerized multi-modal transport solution by deploying own trucks and cargo handling facilities across Indian Ports.

Container Rental And Leasing

We have buyers and sellers in our panel those are interested in purchasing and selling dry and reefer containers all over the world. We arrange our agencies seaworthy and cost-effective containers worldwide.


We offer a wide range of ship agency services around the clock at all ports in India and around the world for handling our fleet in the most efficient manner.

Ship Owning

Our company is planing to start own vessel service in the near future.


SMCL takes care of your end-to-end warehousing and distribution logistics, from our strategic network of storage facilities;

Overseas Port Services

Overseas Port Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide end to end solutions for shipment of your cargo. Right from the pickup point till final delivery at customer’s warehouse.

It is easy to get all the shipment details and tracking status from our website, just you need to provide your booking/container/BL number.Our tech team thrive to give you real time status of your cargo till it gets delivered.

We Offer packaging guidelines to help customers ensure their items are securely securely packaged for shipping. Include information on using proper packing materials, cushioning, and labelling.

We Provide an overview of the customs clearance process for international shipments, including required documentation, duties, taxes, and any potential delays customers might encounter.

Customers can request changes to delivery details, such as address modifications or delivery date adjustments. Same will be updated on your shipment with our policies or fees.

We always give importance to enhance our customer satisfaction and streamline their experience with our shipping services. Our customers can reach us out for support through phone, email or social media, and our customer service helpline is available in all working hours.

Indian Sub Continent, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, Red Sea, Black Sea and Far East.

20DV and 40HQ

We are doing our best in order to process the information and send a verified draft of the BL according to your Shipping Instructions within 6 hours tentatively after sailing of vessel, provided that all accurate, mandatory information was submitted by customer.
For BL amendment please send your request to our documentation team via dedicated email or contact us .
If you have any further inquiries, our booking team will be happy to support you.

SMCL teams worldwide are highly experienced in shipping many types of hazardous or sensitive cargo, and we ensure total compliance with international safety standards. That said, there are some consignments we cannot carry on legal, environmental, or ethical grounds. Contact us for further details on problematic categories.

SMCL provides specialist transportation solutions customized to suit all kinds of rare and precious cargoes, ensuring you benefit from complete peace of mind. Please contact your local SMCL team for more information.

If you can't find the information you need, don't hesitate to contact us with your questions. We will be happy to assist you and resolve any issues. Open the "Contact Us" menu, and contact us in your preferred channel.